OpenAI’s ChatGPT might offer a tool to create your own chatbots in the near future

There’s a rumor that ChatGPT will bring in a new tool called GPT Builder, which would let you make, edit, and share AI chatbots. Learn more about this potential update.
Chat GPTChatGPT was first released in November 2022 and gained quick popularity for its speedy content generation abilities. Since then, it has seen significant growth, adding multi-modal capabilities, offering different models, and even launching a subscription service called ChatGPT Plus. In a recent update, OpenAI introduced the capability to upload PDFs and various file formats, as well as automatic tool switching on the platform. Now, there are leaks suggesting that ChatGPT might soon allow users to create their own chatbots. Let’s delve into the details of this rumored feature.

ChatGPT Builder

According to information from The Decoder, a user named CHOI has shared a list of features that OpenAI is expected to announce at its developer conference on November 6. Among these features, one of the most significant is the introduction of a GPT Builder. Formerly known as Magic Maker, the GPT Builder is believed to enable users to create their own AI chatbots. These chatbots will come with an interactive interface, and you’ll be able to customize aspects like their language, tone, and writing style. Once you’ve created a chatbot, you’ll also have the option to test it and adjust its behavior through conversations. Additionally, this tool may allow you to deploy and share your chatbots with others.

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Furthermore, the GPT Builder could have the capability to generate profile pictures for the AI chatbot by harnessing the power of DALL.E.

In a recent post on an undisclosed platform, user Tibor Blaho shared some updates about OpenAI’s features. They mentioned that the tool once known as “Magic Maker,” which is used to create new GPTs (language models), has been renamed to “GPT Builder.” Notably, the “Welcome Message” feature appears to have been removed from GPT Builder. In addition to this, GPT Builder is now said to have the ability to generate profile pictures for the newly created GPTs, and it accomplishes this by leveraging the capabilities of DALL-E, another AI model.

Other features

OpenAI is likely to introduce several new features, and one of them is the GPT Builder. But there’s also another tool called the Gizmo tool. This tool would give users a space, like a sandbox, where they can bring in existing chatbots, change them, and test them out. Plus, it would let you define custom actions for your chatbots using OpenAPI specifications.

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The Gizmo tool would also come with a set of tools for making images, browsing the web, and more. You can save your chatbots as drafts, and when you’re ready, you can publish and share them.

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